Smart Insights for Smart Investing

What’s going on in the Global Economy? Where should I invest? How are share prices reacting? Stocks vs. Bonds – which is the most attractive? What capital Asset Allocation are you recommending? What will be the effects of Government Action? Should I look at Hedge Funds? How are Foreign Currency Markets trading? Do those approaching retirement have adequate pensions? Are Commodities trading inline with other risk assets? Are Emerging Markets growth drivers of the future? Can you give me some investment ideas?

For answers to these questions, and more – Welcome to The Investment Insight.

Our objective is to:
  • Reveal the nature of various markets, asset classes, economic data;
  • Utilise the power of acute observation and deduction;
  • Identify relationships and real or perceived benefits or weaknesses to exploit.
So you are better equipped to:
  • Make informed decisions;
  • Navigate the markets through the range of economic conditions;
  • Ultimately make profitable investments, while focused on preserving capital.

What is written is done so in a personal capacity and is not necessarily reflective of the views of any organization with which contributors might be associated


  1. Hello,

    This is Maria. I have seen your blog: https://theinvestmentinsight.wordpress.com and I must say that I’m really impressed. Would you permit me to make a guest post in your blog? The article will be totally unique and written on debt, keeping the core subject of your blog in mind. In return, you too can do the same or else take a back-link(s) from my sites (I have many sites on finance). It would help both of us to increase our web presence and in return we both can increase our site’s ROI. I hope you will agree to this.

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  2. Gemma,
    My article in the January 2011 edition of BUILDER Mag will someday prove true, that if the Fed announced that there would be a 1/4% increase in interest rates until the 30yr fixed hit 6.5% it would start a buying frenzy in Real Estate. This would surge the economy, strengthen the Dollar globally and the additional loans would give them more money to lend. It would also cause more people to save which in turn also gives them more money to lend. What do you think?
    Mike Kwiecien
    Builder / Realtor

  3. Ms. Godfrey, we were hoping you would allow us to re-post some of your post from with full accreditation on CurveAheadMarketStrategies.com

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