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I read quite a few of these daily blogs, but yours feels like a breath of fresh air! –  Leigh Gainsley, Associate in Real Estate (MRICS) at Savills, London

I really like your writing style – good advice, but easy for the non-investment world (i.e. me!) to follow! – Gail Scotland, Category Manager, Tetra Pak, Liverpool

… Some great info! Keep up the great work!Ruben Quinones, NYC Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Branding, Speaker, Blogger, NYU Adj

Good stuff! – David Glen, Senior Vice President at Boston Private Bank and Trust Company, Greater Boston Area

Great blog.. Really impressedWerner Opperman, Investment Strategist, Fund Manager, Quantitative Analyst at Dynamic Wealth Management, Cape Town SA

Love your blog already, keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading moreMike McConnell, Senior Consultant at AFH Wealth Management, Birmingham

Nice SiteDavid Weidner, Columnist at The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Greater New York City

Great website – right up my alley of interests HT Narea, Partner at Banksville Partners, Adjunct Professor – Graduate School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, 1st political/financial thriller novel to be published May 2011, Greater New York  City

Thanks for putting quality content out there – Kyle Thornock

Your blog is original and insightful. Your most recent work on commodity diversification is dead on. We are RS investors and always look at how the various indexes are weighted. Simple but very effective. I have subscribed and will share with my team. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts – Christian Wagner, Founder Longview Capital Management, LLC Wilmington DE

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