Head of Investment Strategy, Television Broadcaster, Board Director, Quantum Physicist: @GCGodfrey


Voted the most popular businesswoman on Twitter and the City of London’s “Commentator of the Year”, Gemma Godfrey was named among the “savviest” on Wall Street by the Wall Street Journal. Head of Investment Strategy at Brooks Macdonald, her firm manages in excess of £5.4 billion, across 11 offices. Godfrey directs the Asset Allocation and Investment Committees, and positions the business to achieve long-term strategic goals.

Selected by the BBC as one of the Top 100 Women, globally, “striving to make the world a better place”, Godfrey is CNBC’s first Official Contributor in Europe. The channel has a reach of more than 390 million households across the world. Sought out to clarify complex situations as they unfold, she empowers people with knowledge and challenges other to do the same.

Profiled by the Sunday Times on the ascent of women in the boardroom, Godfrey is dedicated to raising the profile of women in business. She is on the Advisory Board of Templars Communications, a member of the Investment Expert Group for the largest communal charity in Europe and an Advocate for the Alternative Investment Management Association.

A Keynote Speaker and Moderator for some of the largest industry events internationally, Godfrey is frequently quoted in the Financial Times, Telegraph, Times, Guardian and Independent. Furthermore, she founded http://www.theinvestmentinsight.com, offering smart insights for smart investing, and is a front-page featured columnist for the Huffington Post.

Previously Godfrey held a weekly slot for Sky News and was the Chairman of the Investment Committee of Credo Capital. Prior to this she was a fund manager for Julius Baer and responsible for Latin American investments at GAM. She has spent time at Goldman Sachs and UBS, and is a quantum physicist by background.

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  1. I’m your biggest fan. I also agree even if banks start leading again. They have to have some kind of potential growth.

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